2024 Brass Festival Results

Section A: Under 9 Slow Melody

1Daniel PyeYarnton Band
2Lucy StroudYarnton Band

Section B: 9-11 Slow Melody

1Luther Findlay-AshfieldWitney Town Band
2Maddie WoolfChinnor Band
3Vivien Findlay-AshfieldWitney Town Band

Section C: 11-14 Slow Melody

1Isla RobertsChinnor Band
2Katie IngramChinnor Band
3Isaac BewChinnor Band

Section D: 15-18 Slow Melody

1Isaac GodmanChinnor Band
2Calantha SmithYarnton Band
3Elsie TalbutYarnton Band

Section E: Junior Championship

1Isaac GodmanChinnor Band
2Luther Findlay-AshfieldWitney Town Band
3Rufus GallagherShipston Town Band

Section F: Under 11 Duet

1James Pye
Daniel Pye
Yarnton Band
2Lucy Stroud
Thomas Stroud
Yarnton Band
3Josh Bew
Noah Speight
Chinnor Band

Section G: Under 15 Duet

1Rowena Findlay-Ashfield
Luther Findlay-Ashfield
Witney Town Band
2James Pye
William Pye
Yarnton Band
3Isla McEneaney
Lucy Stroud
Yarnton Band

Section I: Under 14 Quartet

1Yarnton Band Diamonds
2Yarnton Band Hearts

Section J: Under 19 Quartet

1Yarnton Band Flats
2Yarnton Band Sharps

Section K: Under 19 Ensemble

1Yarnton Band

Section L: Adult Improvers

1Clare HorneYarnton Band

Section O: Senior Duet

1Calantha Smith
Freya Slater
Yarnton Band
2Ian Methley
Mary Methley
Yarnton Band
3Vivien Findlay-Ashfield
Sarah Ashfield
Witney Town Band

Section Q: Adult Quartet

1Yarnton Band

Section R: Open Ensemble

1Chinnor Training Band

Section S: Open Championship

1Steve UttleyBrackley & District Band

Section T: Under 19 Quintet

1Yarnton Clubs
2Yarnton Spades

Section U: Adult Quintet

2Witney Town Band

Special Prizes

Best Cornet in Section BLuther Findlay-Ashfield
Best Boy in Section CIsaac Bew
Best Girl in Section CIsla Roberts
Best Cornet Under 19Isaac Godman
Youngest PlayerLucy Stroud
Runner Up in Section ELuther Findlay-Ashfield
Highest Placed 14 and Under (Section E)Luther Findlay-Ashfield
Band with Most EntriesYarnton